We hope these Frequently Asked Questions will help with any queries you may have about using POWAcable® and the app. If you have any other questions, simply use the Chat facility in the bottom right hand corner of the page to ask an advisor, or call 0845 486 8080 for assistance.

Is the POWACable® and App easy to install? I can’t work out how to use the parental controls on my childs console?
Good news! Your Powacable® can be installed and active in minutes. Click HERE to see our simple to follow instructions.

Can more than one adult have the same app control on their respective phones?
Yes, both parents or other responsible adults can download the app and log-in to the same account on your individual mobile phones.

What is to stop my child also downloading the control app?
The app is password protected, so provided the password is not divulged to your child they will not be able to log-in themselves to control the POWAcable®

Can the password be changed?
Only you as the purchasing parent has access permission to change the password login for the POWAcable® control app.

If we have more than one console in the household, do we need more POWAcables?
Each console needs its own POWAcable® but one App* can be used to control all of them *Premium App required.

How do I know the POWAcable® is safe to use with the console?
The POWAcable® has been certified to European CE and US Safety Standards and carries all the necessary electrical safety certificates and accreditations, so it is as safe to use as the original power cable that came with your console.

How does the POWAcable® stop the power to the console?
The POWAcable® contains an internal microchip which monitors the games console and knows when it is in use, off or in standby mode and operates the on/off control.

How do I control the POWAcable®?
An instruction leaflet is provided with your POWAcable® to help you to install and use the App. The App is super simple to use and will guide you through the initial steps of first time log-in and setting rules.

What if my child unplugs the Powacable® to use the original or a replacement standard power cable?
The Premium upgrade for the app, available at £2.99 per month, will send an alert to your phone if the Powacable® is disconnected from the console, so you will know if they try to outsmart you!

Can I control the POWAcable® when I am away from home?
You can use the App to control the POWAcable® anytime and from anywhere you have an internet connection!

How often can I change the settings?
You can use change the settings easily at any time to determine when your child is allowed to play, which helps to set ground rules and allow game time for good behaviour or increased restriction in the event of bad behaviour.

What’s special about the Premium App upgrade?
The POWAcable® comes with the standard App which allows you to turn the Console on and off, set schedule times for use and set maximum time in any one session. With the Premium App which is only £2.99 per month,  you are also able to set a total time allowed per day, control multiple POWAcables and the App will send you an alert if the POWAcable® is ever unplugged from the wall.