Gaming Addiction Is A Threat To Your Child!

It is a mounting concern for parents worldwide that increasing numbers of children from as young as six are exhibiting worrying signs suggesting too much time spent on computer games at home is affecting behaviour and academic performance.  Alarmingly, research scientists and addiction experts in the UK have identified that playing obsessive online games like Fortnite can actually be as dangerous as taking heroin*. The dopamine brain fix that gaming provides creates addictive cravings similar to hard drugs.

At last, a new easy-to-use technology tool lets parents take back control

Limiting the amount of time susceptible children can spend on game consoles is acknowledged to be critical to avert a distressing slide into addiction.  POWAcable is a unique new device which monitors and controls childrens’ gaming time. Developed by a parent who saw his children lose hours upon hours of their lives to gaming, this is a life-changing tool for every parent who worries their child may slip into dependency. Effects include increased aggression, fatigue and a sharp drop in academic performance, social interaction and physical exercise.


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Daily Mirror Front Page Headlines Saturday 26th January 2019