POWAcable for Xbox One S and Playstation 4

£39.99 incl VAT/Tax

Please ensure you are buying the correct POWAcable for the model of Xbox you have. This POWAcable is for Xbox S which DOES NOT have a Large Brick Power Supply. If your Xbox has a Large Brick Power Supply then keep your eye on the website as we will be launching one soon!



Simply swap the existing mains power cable for a POWAcable® and download the free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to your mobile phone to take back control in your family.   Among a range of standard or premium features, the app allows you to schedule various times of day when your child can play and/or more importantly set a maximum amount of time per day.

POWAcable app icon on home screePOWAcable app login screenPOWAcable scheduling screen

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UK Plug, US Plug, EU Plug


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